An Innovative Electromagnetic Induction Device for Water Treatment (EID)  

Patented Technology

This is a unique water treatment technology that makes use of the electromagnetic induction principle.

A ferrite core is wound around the pipe. A primary coil is built inside the transducer unit which consists of a waveform generator and driving circuit. The water to be treated becomes the secondary coil. All these components constitute a radio frequency transformer. As a result a specific signal with controlled waveform and energy is effectively induced into the water.

Due to the uniqueness of the technology, water is treated ˇ§activelyˇ¨ which does not depend on the water flow rate and pipe material and hence a reliable water treatment can be achieved.

The device is mounted on the pipe without the need of making contact with water, there is no change or interference to the existing equipment and hence a typical installation will not take more than an hour.

The induced voltage in water results into several effects: descaling, bacteria_killing, biofilm_removal, flocculation and breakdown of chloramine.


General Guideline

Do not install the device inside an electrical loop even there is a short circuit protection design built in the unit. Otherwise the performance cannot be achieved.



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